How to Use this Website

As a Clinician

It is simple and easy to register to use the as a clinician.

1. You complete the short registration process, once. During the few minutes it takes to register you will provide contact information for yourself and your clinic. Registering with our website, will populate your office or you individually into the FIND A CLINICIAN feature of our website which can drive further patients to your practice.

2. Once you are registered* you can receive access to the materials, by logging into the website and purchasing a subscription
*We manually approve, verify, and authorize your account and then you, as the prescriber, approve your technicians/staff!

When assigning and authorizing the patient to use the workbook you will have to agree to the Website Terms of Service for Clinicians noting that you approve your patient’s use of the and accept responsibility for your patient’s care.

If you are a clinician, a doctor or prescriber of TMS for patient care, CLICK HERE to register and start using the TMS Workbook with your patients.

As a Technician

It is simple and easy to register to use the as a technician or operator once the clinician you work with is registered.

1. As a technician, you complete the short registration process, once. The supervising clinician who is part of your team will approve your access to the website so that you may monitor patient participation and help improve patient outcomes.

2. During the few minutes which it takes to register, you will provide contact information and once approved by the clinician, you can assign and review patient access to the

A technician/treater has to agree to the Website Terms of Service for Technicians, noting an understanding of the privacy policies for your office and of HIPAA, and acceptance of responsibility for the patient’s care with the supervising clinician(s).

Your registration will process only AFTER your supervising clinician is registered. Go to the “REGISTRATION” tab and select “Technician Registration,” once they are established.

As a Patient

If you have been directed to our website by your clinician, you should have been given an access code or told how to register by your clinician or TMS technician.

If you have found us on your own, we welcome you.

Please feel free to review the “FIND A CLINICIAN” section under the Information menu tab. Here you can see the clinicians who are already registered with our website. These cutting-edge clinicians know the current research and know that combining therapeutic tools with TMS therapy can improve patient outcomes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

We believe that the combined with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can help get patients to remission by prompting the technician, and clinician to work with the patient comprehensively towards wellness.

If you are searching as a patient and found our site, please know that you are welcome to Register as a patient under the REGISTRATION menu tab, but you will not be able to access materials in the workbook until your clinician approves your access to the site with TMS treatment. The reason for this limitation is that the content is clinician and technician supervised so that you will be safe and monitored while using the tools in the program.

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