Privacy Policy

Many people who use the Internet are concerned about privacy, and we want to address this here.

Protecting Information

We protect your personal health information. State and federal laws also protect your privacy and the security of information about you in
Here are some highlights:

• Only our staff at will see your private information: staff who help with user questions like resetting passwords, and- in the case of any emergencies- our supervising clinicians.
• Our staff will only share information with your clinician, your technician, and any other clinicians or technicians within the practice or practice group that will be caring for you, if you give permission. You give permission by reading and signing the terms of service of the program.

Computer & Internet Security

We will not send any confidential information through the Internet.
You can help reduce risks of violations of privacy by following these steps:

• Use the most up-to-date version of your Internet browser program, (examples: Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer)
• Use an up-to-date anti-virus security software package
• Set-up automatic updates to your browser, operating system, and virus/security programs
• Do NOT share your password with anyone
• Create a strong password for your TMSWorkbook account
• Use a private computer that you know is safe

Risk Situations

If our staff learn that keeping your health information private would immediately put your health at risk or put you or someone else in danger, they are required by law to tell someone who can help keep you or others safe. Examples of such situations are a medical emergency or information about harm to you or others.

Further questions?

If you have questions about TMSworkbook, email us at (please do not include personal health information in your message).

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