The Value of

This Interactive TMS specific web-based workbook was developed from the workbook:  Train Your Brain:  Your record of care with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which was developed, copywritten and is now adapted for broader use to help technicians and clinicians optimize TMS treatment for their patients.

Our hope is to share this tool with other clinicians to get patients better.

TMS is a recent neuromodulative tool for the treatment of psychiatric conditions and to date there have been limited tools available to optimize care for TMS patients.  The exercises and tools in this secure, HIPAA complaint platform have been used in the care of patients receiving TMS in our clinics and we believe these additional services help us produce higher than typical patient outcomes.

This program and its modules will help patients by providing

  • a standardized, consistent program of providing and monitoring TMS therapeutic tools both daily and weekly
  • embedded standardized assessment tools for depression & anxiety which generate charts for clinician monitoring
  • behavioral activation and cognitive behavioral tasks which can augment TMS sessions

This online workbook is priced at $199.00 US dollars for patients who will receive unlimited access during standard and even extended TMS treatment sessions.  The value of the workbook is calculated to be over $900.00 US based upon a calculation of co-pays for daily therapy sessions combined with TMS treatment sessions.  Clinicians can bulk purchase access codes for the for their patients and receive the ability to monitor assessments and progress individually and practice-wide.  Additionally, clinicians will also have access to additional tools to help train staff and master skills for TMS treatment.

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