"This is such a great addition to the TMS experience for patients. I can't see why any practice would not want to utilize this - the value is self-evident. Thanks for investing your time and seeing this project through to completion. You have added so much practical value for clinicians that are seeing real patients in practice every day. The video of Beam F3... the workbook... your efforts will have a ripple effect on so many patients treated by clinicians that are now better equipped."
CH, TMS Physician, 2019

"We love this tool! Thank you so much for your expertise and diligence in making this happen. All TMS clinics should be using this to improve patient outcomes!"
PB, TMS clinician, 2019

“I did TMS before, but this is so much more helpful using the workbook. Thank you.”
Patient in Tennessee, 2019

“Why would I do TMS without the workbook? Thank you for your help.”
Patient in California, 2020

"This website is truly amazing and thorough. Thank you."
PG, TMS Technician 2020


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